Getting Inspired

It’s been a hot summer–94 degrees here in Waianae yesterday, and it’s almost the end of September. Officially, it’s Autumn, but the weather hasn’t quite gotten caught up yet. Heat always makes me lazy, and I’ve been in the doldrums for awhile.

Then, I got an email from one of my mentors, and he shared a link to an amazing TED talk

by Carrie Green in Manchester, UK. What an inspiration! Oh, to have her energy and drive

Well, I do have that kind of energy and drive–part of the time. My challenge is to keep it all the time.

She has started an association for women, and I’m including the link to that, too.

Sorry, guys, it probably won’t appeal to you. I’ll have to hunt up a similar resource for you.

Enjoy the day. Stop and enjoy the beauty around you. I envy all of you who will be seeing autumn leaves soon. Share some pictures, okay?

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