Problem Solving the Earl Nightingale Way

This is a method for problem solving.  It will work with any challenge or problem you have – if you are willing to do the work.  It was developed by the Earl Nightingale group and was taught as part of Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success.

1. Define the problem clearly on paper.  It should be so clear that anyone reading the paper would understand exactly what the problem/challenge is.

2. List any and all obstacles standing in your way of solving the problem.  This should be a comprehensive list, including things like lack of knowledge or money, not enough team members, a poor attitude about your ability to solve this problem, etc.

3. List people or idea sources that might help to solve this problem.  Don’t rush.  Make as complete a list as you can.  Then, ask the folks in your MasterMind group or other groups for more ideas.

4. List as many possible courses of action as you can think of.  Be creative, and take your time.  This is another great step to take into your MasterMind group.  Be thorough (you’ll see why later).

5. Try to visualize the results of each course of action.  Ask yourself if this result will solve the problem without creating other problems.  Are the results acceptable?  Are they desirable?  Can you do what it takes to follow this course of action?

6. Choose the course of action that best suits you.  Stick with it for long enough to see what results you will get.  Evaluate the results.  Are they what you expected?  Will this course of action solve the problem?  If not, choose another course of action.  (No need to go back any further than step 6, as all courses of action and their visualized results have already been listed.)  Thoroughness in Steps 4 and 5 have ensured this.

When I saw this, I was impressed with how simple the steps were.  We all do some of them, and most of us do all of them—but not with focus and thoroughness.  Thus, when we don’t see the results we want, we must return to step 1 to find a solution.  That wastes time.  Oh, the time I will save using this method.  I hope you all benefit as well.

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The Law of Compensation

I was listening to Bob Proctor, one of my mentors, the other day. He was talking about the Law of Compensation—you know, how much money you can make. He said the amount of money you can make is based on three things:

* The need for what you do.

* Your ability to do it.

* How hard you would be to replace.

Of these, the only thing we can really control is how well we do whatever we do. So, we just need to get better at what we do.

I decided that was worth considering. Naturally, I want to be doing something I enjoy, or trying to get better at it will really be an exercise of willpower! I guess that’s why I invest in real estate. I love to look at, fix up, restore, and just be around houses. My husband and I have spent our careers in construction and renovation, so real estate investment is a natural transition. Besides, that gives me something else to learn, and I LOVE to learn new things.

What do you love doing?  What can you get really good at? How can you get someone to pay to you to do that?  Figure that out, and you will never have to work again (doing what you love doing doesn’t count as work, does it?)

Congratulations! You are now an entrepreneur!

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Aloha From Hawaii!

Aloha from Sunny Hawaii! Did you know Hawaii has some of the healthiest residents in the United States—and the longest lived? Wonder why? I’ll post some thoughts about that from time to time.  So, if you’re interested in all the aspects of prosperity—mental, financial, emotional, and physical—this is a blog to check frequently.

I’ve lived in Hawaii most of my life—my family moved here from Indiana when I was just a little girl – hanabada time, we call it here. (I won’t gross you out with the direct translation, but it relates to the frequent colds of young children.)

My husband is from Kansas City, and we met while he was stationed at Pearl Harbor.  Although we lived on the mainland for about 8 years, most of our children were born in Hawaii–and they all grew up here.

I’ll also put up some interesting facts about the 50th State to keep things interesting. For instance, did you know that Hawaii is the only State with a Palace that was occupied by a reigning monarch? Yep, Iolani Palace was built and occupied by King David Kalakaua. It was later occupied by his sister, Queen Lydia Liliuokalani–the last Queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my brand new blog.  I’m really excited to get to know you–and to let you get to know me.

Please go and read all about me on the About Amy page.

I will be adding new blogs here a few times each week.  I want to provide you with information that will inspire and empower you to be the most you can be.

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